Reda Dance & Laëtitia Simon

Reda Dance & Laëtitia Simon


(International Instructors)

Reda Dance from Paris is a Urban dancer (Hip-Hop, popping…) and a Latin dance performer (Salsa, Bachata, Chacha, Brazilian Zouk …).

He evolves in these two worlds always trying to innovate and go beyond what is expected. From this mix of universes comes his original concept :The Urban Latin Move.

Also Personal trainer he teaches and uses the movements which matches perfectly with the dance practice.

He performed in several groups of dancers and today he offers solo or duo shows in different Latin Dance events all over the world (New-York, Moscow, Montreal, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, Shangai, Sydney, Rio…).

His first aim is to share his love for music and his original style.

The shows he performs evolves from laugh to emotional feelings and always with high technical skills he built all the way of his artistic career.

Laëtitia is a multidisciplinary professional dancer from Paris, specializing in urban, academic and Latin dance.

After obtaining her technical skills in Jazz et Contemporain she is heading for a career in the commercial world (TV set, clips, singer tours, musical comedies)

Working in this environment she is led to develop her dance in heels and her femininity which immediately becomes her strength.

She then decided to professionalize in more Afro Latin dances (Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata). Laëtitia shares her sense of pedagogy and her strong background in dance, which leads her to want to share her passion with the world.

Reda Dance and Laëtitia Simon are both international dancers and choreographers. They stand out in the Latin world because of their rich and multidisciplinary dance skills.

Together they mix Urban dances and Latin dances by adding a touch of « Made in Paris » to create a unique style that is their own.

They are invited to festivals in France and abroad to teach their knowledge and passion to the world.

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